For example, a glow in the dark paracord bracelet. Or a dog leash/collar with a combination of reflective and glow in the dark cords.

Potentially rifle slings too.

Feel free to post what you would most like to see with this kind of concept.

Glow in the dark anything has it’s purpose, It would work for dogs and other animals at night if you let them run loose…makes for easier targeting for the drivers. Bad joke of course but you do make them more visible. I suppose it would be great for hikers who inadvertently get lost and need some comfort from a light source of some type or use as a rescue. High colored slings for hunters already exists but using a parachord would be beneficial when things go wrong like shooting yourself in the leg and needing a tie off to prevent bleeding out. Just a scenario. High visibility anything is very beneficial, parachord or not, it’s important to be seen on the field when it’s truly necessary. ~ Good luck catchin’.

Im terrified of them and they ruin my day completely. I wouldn’t want anything to kill them I just want them to stay off my yard.

* Don’t let the turkeys intimidate you. Don’t hesitate to scare or threaten a bold, aggressive turkey with loud noises, swatting with a broom or water sprayed from a hose. A dog on a leash is also an effective deterrent.

* Cover windows and other reflective objects. If a turkey is pecking at a shiny object such as a vehicle or window, cover or otherwise disguise the object. Harass the bird by chasing it, squirting with a hose or other means of aggression.

* Protect your garden and crops. You can harass turkeys searching for food in your gardens. Dogs tethered on a run can also be effective in scaring turkeys away from gardens. Netting is another option to employ. In agricultural situations, some scare devices are effective.

– See more at:

Cuase my dog always barks at guest who come to my house. And its really annoying. I try tell ing to stop but well dogs are dogs. He always scratches the doggy fence which puts a boundary for the living room.
He isn’t that nice with other dogs either. He always barks when hears another dogs leash. And he always try’s biting big dogs but not small dogs his size. Well i love him but he sometimes wakes me up at night by howling and barking

at least try to understand why he barks at your visitors or guest… there may be a reason.
Every dogs action has reason and we just need to investigate the reason behind their actions.

I find Nat Geo’s ceasar milan advice helpful…

I really want to know how to make paracord dog collars, I think it would be cool to make one for my dog. Can anyone explain really well or send me a good link?

If you know how to make a paracord bracelet you can make a collar but you’ll need a sturdier clasp. I couldn’t find a link but if you just google how to make a paracord bracelet you just make it however much bigger it needs to be. You can also get like a book of paracord crafts from a craft store right near the paracord. Hope I helped! :)

Dry and wet dog food is what I’d prefer to feed my dogs. I understand that the raw diet is the best but my vet doesn’t think that the raw diet is the best type of food to feed dogs. Which leads me to my question, what is the best brand or brands of dry and wet dog food?

As many of the other posters said, there is really no cure all dog food that works for every single dog. Its really tough to tell you what might work perfectly for your dog. Now generally what I recommend is to stay away from any foods with corn, wheat, or by-products. The corn is not digestible for dogs so they really don’t get much out of it, and can also be an allergy issue for them. The wheat is often an allergy issue for some dogs as well. And the by-products can contain heads, feet, and intestines. I also do recommend feeding mainly dry dog food as that helps a bit more with the teeth than wet food but feeding a combination of both is definitely great as well.

Personally, for my dogs, I like to feed the Nutro Natural Choice line. It is all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It also has no corn, wheat or by-products. My dogs absolutely love their food and do amazingly well on it. Their coat is so full and shiny and they are extremely healthy. The Natural Choice line is also the only food that has a guarantee to improve your dogs skin and coat on the bag. I like to feed Nutro because I know that Nutro makes all of their products in their own USA facilities and do over 600 quality checks each day. That makes me feel extremely comfortable giving them that.

I hope that helps!

Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

paracordsweden dog collar

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New Cycle Dog MAX Reflective Collars and Leads! 100% Surface Reflectivity! Unlike printed or glued reflective strips, MAX Reflective collars and leads offer 100% surface reflectivity and high durability. Now available in 5 colors and 3 widths and sizes.

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Class is in session!

Is it possible to work with a dog who has not exercised? Yes. But it’s not easy. Why should you take your time and be meticulous when you teach THIS? -AND- Where do you start with a dog that is acts CRAZY when on a leash while walking? I’ll tackle all of that in this video.

How often do you exercise your dog?

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How to Make a Cobra Style Paracord dog collar

For paracord and paracord accessories, visit:

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This video is for Tommy so he can see how his leash and collar are coming

The Paracord Weaver offers a variety of Pet Accessories for the pets in your life.
This video gives you an overview of a custom leash for a lady pit-bull and her family.
They wanted a chain section from the paracord to the clasp and to be girly colors.

Ask us about a custom order to meet your needs.

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