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I have a 13 month old dog, and I have bought 4 leashes for her, and they all broke! Every leash’s retractable part broke. I need a strong retractable leash that isn’t too expensive ($0-$25). So if you could give a brand name or the leash’s name. Feel free to give me past experiences if you have had the leash before. Thanks for the help.

P.S. She is a little power packed golden retriever that weighs somewhere from 15-23 lbs.

I can’t stand those leashes. A good leather braided leash offers the most handling control. This is the one I use for my Rottie and my Shepherd. I use the 5′ x 3/4" but you don’t need anything that wide – the 1/2" is more than enough – and it won’t break!

What dog collar do you use, that works great for your dog? I know there are many kinds of collars, but i am wondering which one works for you?

Also, about the choke chain, can you leave this collar on all the time, or should you take it off when the dog is outside? I just purchased one, and i am not too familiar with it.

My puppy is about 50lbs and likes to pull on his collar/leash when we go for walks. I was scared he would end up choking himself, so now I use a no pull harness when we go for walks. It’s helped keep him from attempting to pull me everywhere and it helps keep him from hurting his neck. You can get one from Walmart or many of the pet stores carry them.

If you are using a choke chain it should only be worn when you’re walking the dog because it’s very easily caught on things. Also try to keep it up on the top of the neck right behind the ears, since that is the "weakest" point on the dog. It helps you keep better control over him/her without hurting him/her since having it around the base of the neck/throat can cause breathing/throat problems if your dog likes to pull.

Hope this helps.

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This is the basic way to make a high quality leather dog collar

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Another AC/DC cover played by me, no video this time because my guitar track is from an upcoming cover played by me and the band ‘Smooth Intentions’ ( but I uploaded this track which I mixed myself. My track recorded by joshkosh95, played by me on my Gibson SG Standard.

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i’m wondering how people train their dogs to walk with them off-leash. i see people with dogs off leash in their yards or in public and the dog just trails close behind the owner and doesn’t stop to chase other animals or to jump on other people.

i want to know how you train a dog to follow you when off-leash without worrying about them running off to chase someone or something. i’m not asking how you train "come" exactly, just how to have that leisure and freedom of letting your dog off-leash without fear.

well if you are not asking how to train "come" you will never have an off leash dog … a dog that has pretty much 100% recall (and that is coming when called) are the dogs you see off leash behaving … if you can get your dog to come to you in any situation, any distraction, you can have an off leash dog … so it is all about training "come" :O) i started training my dog at 8 weeks to be off leash and by a year old she could walk anywhere, downtown streets, neighbourhoods, nature, off leash without leaving my side … but i did work with her almost every single day for that period of time … and to get her not to chase squirrels i walked her every day rain or shine for three solid months down "squirrel alley" (local park where tourists go to feed squirrels and wildlife) on a very short leash and completely ignored whatever she was doing at the end of the leash … by the end of the three months she could walk down squirrel alley loose leash and to this day she can walk there off leash and chase nothing …

I still have not trained my dogs on the lead, because I don’t live with them and were they live I’ve never really had to walk them.. The stable guy just takes them to the forest on our land and let them run free or put them in the Field and throw a ball for them to fetch. So yeah this summer my objective is to teach them to walk on the lead, so I can take them to the beach and things.. because I’ve never taken them to the beach before.

I start training older dogs just like I would puppies. I put a collar on them and let them wear it for a couple of days. I then attach a leash and let the dog drag it around until they stop stressing about it. I use some high power treats to get the dog to walk with me while I holding the leash. Some dogs will sit down or back up when they feel the pressure on their collar. This is normal. Just give a few tugs on the collar. When they take a step towards you, praise and treat. While I’m leash training. I do not allow the dog to drag me on the leash. I train loose leash walking the same time that I train the dog to the lead.

Aggressive dog behavior can be one of the most difficult problems for a new dog owner. Especially when you consider certain breeds tend to be more aggressive than others.

The first thing that you have to remember is that 99.9% of the time, the reason the dog is being aggressive is that chances are, he is just being territorial. They are just trying to intimidate people into backing down, so they can prove they are the alpha male.

Obviously the dog is not used to people and he doesn’t know the ranking order. He doesn’t understand that you are the master and he is the dog. You’ve got to start letting the dog get used to people. The more people he sees, the better off he is going to be.

Try to make this as calming for him as can be. A good idea would be to just take the dog out on a leash to a park or any place that has a lot of people, so he can start observing human interaction. A great place would be a dog park, so he can see how most humans interact with dogs.

What will start to happen is that the dog will get comfortable with the idea of human beings. If you don’t have any parks around you, just get people that you know to come to your home (remember to keep him on a leash), so hopefully as he’ll start to see all the different people, he will start to grasp the concept of what;s going on. Eventually, he’ll start to feel like a part of the society and he’ll understand what kind of behavior is acceptable and unacceptable.

Jim Yeoman