I’M STILL SICK IN THIS VIDEO:( Sorry guys! Zoe’s pop tab collar broke after half a year so onto another collar tutorial EXCEPT this one is with suede!!!

How to make a pop tab bracelet:

1st pop tab dog collar for zoe:

How to tie off a pop tab bracelet:

Duration : 0:7:41

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  1. 1 SuperFreakoutgirl
    2012 Jan 21

    Hey ne names Zoe :)
    Hey ne names Zoe :) and so is CTFxC’s dog on you tube

  2. 2 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @12ThingsShine awww …
    @12ThingsShine awww thanks:):):)

  3. 3 12ThingsShine
    2012 Jan 21

    @ambroset1990 I’ll …
    @ambroset1990 I’ll make sure and tell them the only way i know how to make them is because of you!

  4. 4 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @12ThingsShine Yeah …
    @12ThingsShine Yeah! that’s awesome to hear and I bet most people will be asking where you got it from 😛

  5. 5 12ThingsShine
    2012 Jan 21

    i made one my dog …
    i made one my dog loves it! its so cute really easy!

  6. 6 xxbamfablesadezxx
    2012 Jan 21

    @ambroset1990 …
    @ambroset1990 thanks(:

  7. 7 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @Whiskers5251 So …
    @Whiskers5251 So glad you liked this video! Tell me how your collar turns out when you’re done with it!

  8. 8 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @peacenbkind Yeah!: …
    @peacenbkind Yeah!:) Thank you for watching my videos!

  9. 9 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @12ThingsShine …
    @12ThingsShine OMYGOSH YESSSSS washing pop tabs is a MUST!!! That would be so utterly disgusting to do crafts with nasty pop tabs! Soap and warm/hot water is the way to go!:)

  10. 10 12ThingsShine
    2012 Jan 21

    @ambroset1990 do …
    @ambroset1990 do you wash off your pop tabs before you use them? It is kind of gross if you think about it but you know i over think everything :)

  11. 11 Whiskers5251
    2012 Jan 21

    I’m gonna try it …
    I’m gonna try it on my dogs!

  12. 12 Whiskers5251
    2012 Jan 21

    That is really …
    That is really cool!

  13. 13 sexysilver86
    2012 Jan 21

    I enjoyed the …
    I enjoyed the video…thanks for sharing :)

  14. 14 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @hanahgirl2001 …
    @hanahgirl2001 Thank you:) Yes, I dyed it a few weeks ago to my Revlon ColorSilk Brown Black color:)

  15. 15 hanahgirl2001
    2012 Jan 21

    Aha niceeeee. Did …
    Aha niceeeee. Did you dye your hair? it looks nice

  16. 16 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @AngelSweetCrafts …
    @AngelSweetCrafts No, Zoe can be off leash therefore she just walked beside my mom until my mom noticed the leash wasn’t attached to her. She’s the best trained dog we have ever had, we don’t need a fenced back yard or anything:)

  17. 17 AngelSweetCrafts
    2012 Jan 21

    did the dog get …
    did the dog get lost?

  18. 18 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @BananasofAnnas Yea …
    @BananasofAnnas Yea, I have a german shepherd girl back home:)

  19. 19 BananasofAnnas
    2012 Jan 21

    thats one bid dogs …
    thats one bid dogs neck

  20. 20 ambroset1990
    2012 Jan 21

    @xxbamfablesadezxx …
    @xxbamfablesadezxx You can usually get the suede in any craft store…I got mine from a store called BEN FRANKLIN CRAFTS. But a store like HOBBY LOBBY would most certainly have it and maybe Jo-Ann Fabrics might have it too! Hahahaha nothing is wrong with having almost everything pop tabs! I am getting my first dog (that Is mine not the families dog) this summer and you betcha it will have a pop tab collar:):):)

  21. 21 xxbamfablesadezxx
    2012 Jan 21

    BTW were did you …
    BTW were did you get the suede

  22. 22 xxbamfablesadezxx
    2012 Jan 21

    Because of you I …
    Because of you I have everything poptabs(: and I have a puppy but when she gets bigger ima make this for her

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